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8 Reasons why Chihuahua's are AWESOME

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8 Reasons why Chihuahua's are AWESOME

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Chihuahua's may be small, but we all know they have a larger than life personality! This cute tiny dog breed has found its way into our hearts and lives. Dog lovers all over swoon over these amazing little friends and here is why!

1. You can bring your Chihuahua everywhere with you and you will both look flawless!

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With a 3.3 to 6.5 pounds Chihuahua's are not the heaviest. In my opinion they have the perfect size! Great for living in apartments and even travel makes this fun-sized dog ideal for people wanting to have their furry little friend with them at all times!

2. A Chihuahua's History is super cool

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Let's dive into some history books! Did you know that Chihuahua's date back to their ancestor, The Techichi? It is an ancient legacy. People have loved these cute companions since around 300 BC. And we totally understand why. According to popular legend, Chihuahuas are their masters guides into heaven. 

3. Chihuahua's are the perfect size

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Most Chihuahua's are smaller than cats. An adult Chihuahua has an average height of 6 – 9 inches, making them furrever babies.

4. Chihuahua's look awesome in clothes 

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Dress to impress! Whether your Chihuahua is a diva or more of a casual pup, they can express their personal style with the perfect outfit. And sometimes they need those clothes to stay warm. Awwwwww!

5. There are seven different Chihuahua Types - and all sooo Cute!

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Long-coat, smooth-coat, apple-head, deer-head, fawn, teacup, and pear-head. We love ’em all.

6. Chihuahua's know how to live life to the fullest

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Chihuahua just know how to live their best life. They know how to snuggle and relax on the couch, and they know how to be happy and energetic. 

7. Chihuahua's can be mischievous and cute at the same time

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 Who can stay mad at a dog this cute and tiny?

8. Chihuahua's are really loyal and love you so much

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No one loves like a Chihuahua. Do they sometimes love too hard? Yes. But does their undying loyalty to you make them excellent watchdogs, friends, and cuddle babies? Yes.



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