About Us


It's about having fun and bonding with our dogs

As Dog-owners we have always known that each dog has it's own lovely and quirky personality. Us dog-lovers know how Unique the bond is between you and your furry friend and how much fun it is have them around you. We want the best of the best for our dogs, but we also wanted to have as much Fun and Laughter as possible. Combine the best for your dog and fun together and you have the perfect match!

It's about showing personality

We have items that show personality! From our funny and quirky Items to sophisticated dog fine dining with dog champagne, we want our items to radiate personality. At SirWoofWoof there is very little room for boring and basic. Our style may be as diverse as our dogs but we always offer items that are just a little (and sometimes a lot) different from the boring, regular stuff. We are always looking out for new things to add to the fun in the most diverse ways.

It's about offering your dog the absolute best

You want the best for your dogs. We understand that, we want the same! All our products are tested, tested again, and tested again. It is our task to have and create fun and unique supplies in top quality. Then it is our panel's choice to consider the items suitable. Our product test panel is the most honest (and cute) panel we could wish for. Dogs of course! If the dogs love the items as much as we do, you will find them at SirWoofWoof! 

It is about improving

It is most important for us that you and your furry friend enjoy our items. That is why we always show reviews on SirWoofWoof's collection. We want to see the fun and happiness our items bring. If there is room for improvement or if you have another cool suggestion for the item you have bought with us we will be on it straight away. That is how we will keep improving, and how we are able to bring you and your dog-friend the best lovable fun. 

Because we love our dogs

We love ALL dogs, and are incredibly passionate about the well-being of all pets. This passion doesn't just stop at creating fun and unique items for your dog to enjoy, but we also put in effort to give back to those less fortunate. We always try to come up with new ideas to help where we can. Right now we support an animal shelter by gifting them free toys, baskets, and other supplies. 


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