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Customer Service

SirWoofWoof is started out of passion for dogs and fun. We are hoping to share the same fun excitement with you. Our mission is to make this as easy as possible for you. If you are happy - we are happy! 

Our store is super easy to navigate and our items are easy to find. The payment is bulletproof safe and flashing quick. You will receive a confirmation email with a tracking code within a few minutes of ordering. This way you know exactly when you receive your items. All you have to do is open your door when the mailman arrives and receive your item! Completely hassle-free. As it should be!

We from SirWoofWoof work in a small team and are available 24/7 to make sure everything runs smoothly. There is always someone there to personally answer your email, your facebook message, or even your instagram DM. It's easy to contact us, and it is our promise you will always have a reply within 1 day. 

Here are the answers of the most commonly asked questions. 

Orders & Delivery:

  • Which countries do you ship to?We ship worldwide! The love of dogs doesn't have boundaries! 
  • What does it cost to ship my package? - Don' t worry, it's on us! We are paying the shipping fee for you.
  • What happens if you can' t ship to my country? - We ship worldwide. We have not had orders yet that we could not ship. But in the unfortunate instance we can' t ship to your country we will personally email you within 48 hours after ordering to let you know you will have your money refunded within 1 week. 
  • How long will it take before I receive my package? - It usually takes 1 week. Sometimes it takes 2 when you have ordered a really popular item. We will always let you know by giving you a confirmation email with a tracking code a few minutes after ordering.
  • How fast can I receive my fast-delivery package? - SirWoofWoof now offers a Fast-Delivery collection with items that you can receive at home in just 3 days. 
  • Is there an option for faster shipping for non fast-delivery items? - We like to offer free shipping and always ship from the most nearby location to speed up the process. Do you have an event and have a deadline or do you just want your item super fast? No problem, just pop us an email and we'll explain the options. Please take into account that faster shipping means a shipping fee. 
  • Are there any additional costs involved in ordering? No. Not from our side. Sometimes it does happen that your country charges taxes on international shipping. As much as we would like to, we can not change this. 
  • How can I track my order? - Really easy! As soon you have ordered you will receive a confirmation email that contains a tracking code within minutes. Just click the tracking link and you can see where your package is. 


    • How do I make a return? - We aim to always have the perfect match between you, your dog, and your new SirWoofWoof item(s). Sometimes it happens that the chemistry isn' t there. No problem, just send us an email within a week of receiving the item! You will receive a reply with the address where you can send your item to for a return. Don't forget to add tracking! We don't want the package to get lost of course. Once we have received and approved the item, you will receive a confirmation email. Your money will be refunded within 2 weeks. 
    • Can I return all items? - The thing about pet supplies is that they need to be 100% new, clean, and packaged of course. So if you changed your mind about your item, please be aware that we can't receive items that have been damaged, used, or opened from the original packaging. We also can't accept the items that are on SALE as a return.
    • I want to return an item that can't be returned because I have used it, it was on sale, or because I have waited to long with my return request. What now? - Sorry, we can't accept your item as a return. In our team we always try our hardest to make you happy, so just us an email and we can look at it together. Maybe a good discount will help!
    • Will I get charged for return shipping? - When you return a product we will give you your order amount back. Did you pay 50 dollars for your item? You will receive the full 50 dollars back. Unfortunately we can' t pay the shipping costs you made to send the item(s) back. 
    • How do I make an exchange? - Just send us an email, and we'll get it sorted straight away. 
    • How long does it take to get refunded? - You will receive your money back within 2 weeks. After we have received the return item(s) and approved it, we will send you a confirmation email to let you know you will be refunded within 2 weeks. 

      Is your question still unanswered or are you running into an issue that needs to be resolved? Just send us a message and we will get back to you within 1 day. You can message us via the contact form here or via Direct Message on Facebook or Instagram.