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Graphic Pug Socks

Graphic Pug Socks

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Hilarious and adorable socks are an all time favorite! We totally get it if you want to shout your love of your furry four-pawed friend of the rooftops. With our collection of socks you can show your love of dogs as specific as you want.  Are you living the Pug Life? Or maybe your Husky rocks your world? Is there nothing more important than your schnauzer? Wear these cool socks with pride! Honestly, we can guarantee you will absolutely love them!

All you need to know about these socks

Quality Material - Made from Polyester and cotton these socks will be comfy and breathable

Perfect for sneakers or low cut shoes - These socks are ankle height

Sizing - These socks are a one-size fits all and are up to 19 CM / 7,4"

Comfy - Super duper comfortable! We wear these socks ourselves and we only like to wear socks that are comfy. Trust us, you won’t regret these socks.