Giraffe Sleeping Cave
Giraffe Sleeping Cave
Giraffe Sleeping Cave
Giraffe Sleeping Cave

Giraffe Sleeping Cave

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The Funny Giraffe Pet Bed for pets is a boon for every pet, as it assures comfortability and luxury for your pet. This fine foam-padded accessory leaves your pet warm and happy, you don't have to worry about your pet curling up next to you when you're trying to catch some rest.

All You Need To Know About This Item

  • The Funny Giraffe Pet Bed for pets is amazingly cozy and durable
  • The Funny Giraffe Pet Bed is completely spacious and not stuffy
  • The Funny Giraffe Pet Bed is made from 100% fine cotton, floss which makes it super easy to clean.
  • It is available in various sizes

Material: Short Floss+sponge+PP Cotton

Outside Measures:

S:   34*36*25  suitable for pet under 3kg
M:  44*46*34  suitable for pet under 4.5kg
L:   48*55*37  suitable for pet under 6kg     
  • Brand Name:FLAdorepet
  • Feature:Breathable
  • Wash Style:Hand Wash
  • Material:Fiber
  • Pattern:Print
  • MODLE :YY-2024
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Your dog should have enough space on its bed to be able to lie flat down on its side with legs stretched out in front.

Need help with sizing? We understand you don't carry your measurement tape with you 24/7 to measure your dog. Let us help you! Here is a chart with the measurements of typical breeds.The breeds below give an indication of the size you may need.



25" (63cm)

Chihuahua, Short legged Jack Russell, Bichon Frise,

Pug, Border Terrier

36" (92cm)

Spaniel, Mini Schnauzer, Staffie

Parsons, Jack Russell

42" (106cm)

Staffie, Vizla, Bulldog,

Dalmatian, Labrador

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